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Rapid Reports with Metropolis IQ

Grow your business faster and make more money our high quality inexpensive reports.

One source for all your report generation needs.

Rapid CEDS
Comprehensive and ready to meet the EDA requirements in days.
Priority Sector Reports
Ready to publish reports delivered in days.
Innovation Report
Unlock more insights for clients with our local innovation economy report.

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MIQ Rapid Reports

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Pay Less, Make More
Our proprietary technology maximizes automation in the report generation making it easy for our research team to deliver a completed report to you in a few days
Our reports allow you to spend less time creating reports and more time building a better customer experience.
Automatic Updates
Each of our reports comes with a complimentary refresh schedule. Allowing you to provide an update report to your client in the future as an added value.
Frequently Asked Questions
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What types of reports does Metropolis IQ offer?
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Metropolis IQ provides Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), Innovation Reports, Priority Sector Reports and Workforce Analytical Overview reports. We are always working on the development of new reports. If what you’re looking for isn’t available speak to a representative and we might be able to generate it for you.
How do you make reports at a fraction of the cost I am paying now?
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We leverage our proprietary data analytics platform alongside generative AI to significantly automate the research process. This advanced technology enables our research team to focus on refining outputs and ensuring they meet our rigorous quality standards, rather than spending weeks on data collection. This efficiency reduces our operational costs, allowing us to pass these savings on to you without compromising the quality of the reports you receive.
How can you ensure the report is the same quality or better then my current reports?
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At Metropolis IQ, the quality of our reports is paramount. Our company was founded by experts in economic and workforce development who are deeply committed to excellence. They have brought together a highly skilled team of technologists and researchers to create world-class reports. By combining the best capabilities of our research team and advanced AI, we ensure that each report leverages precise data and rigorous analysis. Furthermore, to guarantee the highest quality, no report is delivered to a client without a thorough review and approval by one of our human researchers.
Can I customize the report after it is delivered?
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Yes, you can customize your report. Each report we deliver is complete and ready to use, yet we provide it as an editable document. This allows you the flexibility to add or remove content, adjust the context, and make other modifications as needed to better suit your specific requirements and preferences.
On-demand Insights with MIQ Insights and MIQ Rapid Reports
Actionable insights delivered when you need them.
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