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In December 2022, Erik Caldwell and Josh Shapiro embarked on an exciting journey, founding Metropolis IQ with a vision to revolutionize the realm of economic and workforce development data reporting. Our premise was simple yet bold: the traditional methods in this field were outdated and ripe for innovation

We believed that modern data collection techniques, coupled with automated ETL processes, machine learning, and generative AI, could fundamentally transform the industry. Our inspiration? Henry Ford's revolution in car manufacturing with the assembly line. Fast forward to today, and our journey has been nothing short of transformative

We've challenged norms, pushed boundaries, and are now on the cusp of introducing our groundbreaking product to the market. This is not just a launch; it's a leap into a new era of data insights and economic forecasting

Stay tuned, because what we're bringing to the table is more than just a product; it's a new way of thinking about and harnessing data for economic development. Metropolis IQ is set to redefine industry standards, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting frontier.


Erik Caldwell, MBA

Erik Caldwell is co-founder and President / CEO of Metropolis IQ and a seasoned AI data product leader with a strong background in local government. His previous roles include Chief Sustainability Officer, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, and Economic Development Director at the City of San Diego. He currently serves on the board of several economic-focused organizations, staying involved in community and economic work.

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    Josh Shapiro, PhD

    As Chief Impact Officer at UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies and Co-Founder of Metropolis IQ, Josh Shapiro brings a wealth of expertise in data and analytics, as well as years of research in workforce and economic development. Driven by a passion for community revitalization, Josh is dedicated to simplifying complex data into intuitive visualizations and dashboards that empower regions to achieve economic growth and prosperity.

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      Kate Spitzer

      As Metropolis IQ's VP of Engineering, Kate brings an extensive background in software and data engineering to the forefront of innovation. Her professional journey is marked by significant roles at AT&T and IBM, where she was instrumental in building reliable systems and leading dynamic engineering teams. At The Atlas  she contributed to product engineering both as a data and data visualization engineer.  Kate excels in designing sophisticated ETL pipelines and databases and contributing to the advancement of cutting-edge web platforms.

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        Team Members

        Larry Holt

        Larry Holt is recognized by Consultant Connect as a National Top 50 Economic Development executive, with a proven ability to translate and integrate the needs of governments and businesses. In the last decade, he and his teams have attracted $583 million in capital investment and created 7,261 jobs. His career, which spans 15 years of multisector executive leadership experience, reflects a passion and commitment to innovation-based inclusive economic development strategies that drive new investment through trade. Larry's market experience includes Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; and Birmingham, Alabama.

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          Our Advisors

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          Darin Andersen
          Founder, CEO
          NXT Robotics
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          Bill Eigner
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          Dawn Barry
          Stealth Biotech Start-Up
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          Nishal Mohan
          Founder, CEO
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          Ellory Monks
          The Atlas for Cities
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          Maksim Pecherskiy
          Staff Data Engineer
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          Kristin Tilquist
          Author & Tech Investor
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