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One place for all your economic and workforce data visualization needs

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Local Level Data
Get information about your city or county rather than regional level data. See how your jursidiction compares to your peers.
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Each visualization has a custom explanation of your data and how your jurisdiction can use it
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Frequently asked questions
What kind of data can I access through the MIQ Insights?
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The MIQ Insights provides comprehensive data tailored specifically to your needs, covering demographics, economic performance, and workforce statistics. Our expert team curates and combines public datasets along with third-party data to save you time and effort. Each dataset is enhanced with contextual information personalized for your jurisdiction by our advanced AI systems, ensuring you receive relevant and actionable insights.
Does the MIQ Insights cover data for all cities and counties in the United States?
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Yes, the MIQ Insights offers comprehensive data coverage for every city and county across the United States. Our extensive dataset ensures that you have access to relevant and up-to-date information tailored to any specific locale within the country.
How does the MIQ Insights differ from traditional dashboard services?
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The MIQ Insights stands out by integrating AI-driven insights into each visualization, enhancing your understanding of the data and enabling effective community action. Unlike conventional services, our platform not only generates models but also conducts in-depth research into your community’s economic drivers. This targeted analysis allows us to deliver customized insights and analysis specifically designed to meet your local needs.
Why should I use the MIQ Insights instead of generating insights with generative AI on my own?
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While you could use generative AI independently, it would not yield the same level of results. Our system is uniquely trained to replicate the methodologies and techniques that human researchers use for developing sophisticated economic and workforce development analysis. This patent-pending process is at the core of what makes our service exceptional. We deliver these tailored insights on-demand, saving you the time and effort of gathering and analyzing complex data sets on your own.
How does billing work with the MIQ Insights?
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Billing with the MIQ Insights is straightforward and flexible. You can choose to purchase an annual subscription upfront at a discounted rate, or opt for monthly billing. Payments can be made using credit cards through our secure payments platform. Additionally, we offer invoicing options if preferred.
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